After a long and intense sales cycle, you have succeeded in convincing one of your customers in the United Arab Emirates to acquire your products, materials, … excellent news! Well done ! You will therefore have to have your commercial documents or contracts authenticated (legalized). Ah … how should I proceed? Who can help me ? There will be many costs…

Your engines as well as all the spare parts required for the management of its maintenance have arrived at their destination, for your customer in Egypt. And what about the technical documentation? Before sending it, I must have it translated, authenticated (legalized), … where do I start? Who can help me ? It may cost me a lot with all these organizations to involve?

Visa Travel International has developed expertise on the subject for you by working with the Paris CCI, Sworn Translators, the important organizations to be involved (CCFA, …) and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, to avoid additional or even hidden costs … Visa Travel International offers you a Legalization Pack including the services of the CCI and the MAE. Consult us, call us … we will take care of everything and especially of you!

Visa travel international - Legalization