Legalizations and Apostilles for Tunisia

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Important information for Tunisia

General information

Any French document intended to be used in a third country must first be endorsed by a French authority and then by the consulate or embassy of the country of destination.

Visa Travel International supports you in this process by offering its services to have your documents endorsed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in the context of legalization), the Court of Appeal (in the context of an apostille), of the Franco-Arab Chamber of Commerce, of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and, of course, to the consulates and embassies concerned by your request.

We will be able to act with any other body necessary for the certification of your documents. We also offer you the translation of your documents with sworn translators when necessary.

Documents to provide for your legalization

You must provide your original documents.
No legalization or certification is possible with a copy of a document.

Your legalization for Tunisia

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Legalization Pack (includes CCI/MAE)

Translation Pack