To travel to the United States, you must be in possession of an ESTA or a Visa but this is unfortunately not sufficient. Until further notice, you will also have to apply for a NIE (National Interest Exception) with the US authorities.

To make this request, you must send an email to

The subject line of the email should be: “CONSIDERATION FOR NATIONAL INTEREST EXCEPTION – [Last name]”

Please join a copy of the Passport Personal Information page and a copy of any Visa previously issued by US authorities.

Also attach any documents helping to make an immigration decision (mission letter, invitation letter, etc…).

The documents provided and the indications in the body of the email must specify:

– What is the essential infrastructure sector supported?
– What exactly are the activities planned by the traveler?
– How do these activities provide vital support to this sector?
– Why can these activities only be done in person?
– Why can’t these activities be organized remotely, virtually or by proxy?

Warning: NIE is not easily granted, the procedure remains long and the leadtime to obtain the approval generally takes several weeks.