As of today, China has taken a series of decisions to continue reopening the country to foreign travellers:

  • it is again possible to apply for a Tourist Visa (it had been suspended for several years)!
  • the old Visas (all types of Visas) still valid become again… valid! Until then, they had been “cancelled” and travelers had to request a new one.

Business, family reunification and family visit visas are still available and can be requested.

For an emergency Visa (obtained within 48 hours) also attach Documents to provide your flight ticket. This request can only be submitted a maximum of 7 days before your date of entry into Chinese territory.

The formalities (Documents to be provided – see our China Visa page) remain unchanged and it is still necessary to file your fingerprints (in a Chinese Visa center – Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Marseille) if this has not yet been done and on the passport on which the Visa application is made.

A negative PCR or antigen test is always necessary 48 hours before departure.

The health declaration is also still to be made (generation of the QR code requested in China).

There is no longer a quarantine on arrival.

Finally, for any question, clarification needed… do not hesitate to contact us and/or 01 42 25 13 65